Run Over by a Senior Citizen!

Alameda-Podiatry active senior Dr Niccoli.I recently worked with a handful of older patients in my office on the use of a new senior balance brace—and has been working so well, I was nearly run over several times.

It all started with a new protocol we developed last summer, with the goal of helping seniors improve balance and prevent falls. While this isn’t a large part of my practice, we’ve found that devoting an entire visit to needs assessment and balance improvement can really pay off, reducing falls both inside and outside the house.

If a 92 year old can improve, so can you.

In one of my first cases, the patient was a 92-year-old female. Although she was still able to walk on her own, she was rapidly losing her balance, and had experienced several falls in her home—which is the most common location for seniors to fall. The patient was very concerned when she spoke to me about it.

We worked up a complete profile that included her medical conditions, medications, standing and gait analysis, and footwear analysis. Then we came up with a list of achievable interventions to help her improve her balance. One of them was the Moore Balance Brace, a flexible, soft and open brace that’s easy to put on and fits comfortably within the shoe.

The before-and-after was amazing to witness. In fact, after this patient put on the soft balance braces, she was able to walk without her walker—and almost ran me over as I walked backwards in front of her.  That patient convinced me that just about any patient with balance problems or fear of falling should be looked at.

Her stability and speed was improved dramatically enough for even untrained individuals to notice, including her family.

Keeping older patients safely active, longer…

I feel that the Moore Balance Brace is an excellent addition to our tools for preventing falls in seniors, which is the leading cause of death in adults over 65 years old. Click below to watch the dramatic before-and-after video on another male patient that demonstrates the incredible effectiveness of this balance brace.    *BEFORE BALANCE  BRACE    *AFTER BALANCE BRACE

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