Pain in Your Hip or Back? It Could be Linked to Your Feet

Alameda back pain from foot instability. Dr. Niccoli

If your hip or lower back has been hurting, and you don’t remember doing anything to injure it, the source of your pain could be your feet! Our bodies are like a chain, with one link–or bone–connecting at the joint to another link. Think about what would happen if the first link in the chain was out of position. The point at which it meets the next link would eventually overstress that link and adversely affect the entire chain. Changing your gait changes the mechanics of all of your joints. This can affect the whole chain of your lower body… from the ankle, to the knee, to the hip, and then to the lower back.

Get Pain-Free, from the Ground Up
The first step to removing a persistent problem is to call us and schedule a weight bearing exam and a gait analysis. (In the meantime, toss out any old or worn shoes!)

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~ Dr. Jeffrey J Niccoli  Board-Certified, Alameda Family Podiatry Group. Serving  Bay Area patients from San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, and Alameda


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