New Approaches To An Old Problem: Bunions

Have you had to buy larger shoes recently? Do you only have a few pairs of shoes that are comfortable? Have you been changing the way you walk or stand to avoid pain? Does it seem as though your big toe is angling back toward your foot or is a bump appearing where there was none before? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you may be the 1 in 6 Americans (according to American Podiatric Medical Association) who suffer from bunions, or an enlargement and misalignment of bone at the big toe joint. That’s 52.5 million people suffering unnecessarily.

People often assume that painful or ugly feet are a natural result of aging or neglect. In the past, inheriting your Mom’s bunions or your Dad’s flat feet may have been a problem you had to live with. These were and still are common misconceptions. As you can imagine, past treatments have ranged from absent to misdirected at best. Today, remarkable advances in medicine especially in the field of podiatry allow easy correction and successful bunion removal.

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Foot surgery for bunions of course are commonly treated in our office.  Bunion surgeons have long thought that bunions are a multi-factorial problem resulting from genetics, shoe gear, sex and trauma. Effective treatments are directed toward the original cause of the problem. Effective surgical treatments are available if necessary and if you are a proper candidate ” less invasive bunion surgery” as well as the new minimally invasive bunion surgery maybe an option for you. Laser surgery for bunions may not be the best option although laser treatment is helpful in other condition commonly seen at our office. Please check with us for more information.

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