Dr. Niccoli, Podiatrist | Oakland

Oakland Orthopedic, Sports Medicine, & Foot Pain Doctor

For patients seeking a podiatrist in Oakland, foot-pain relief is just around the corner — or in this case, just a few miles down 880. Dr. Jeffrey Niccoli of Alameda Family Podiatry is one of the Bay Area’s most trusted podiatrists; Oakland patients can feel confident that their foot, ankle, and lower extremity issues will be addressed by a board-certified surgeon — even for same-day podiatry emergencies!

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Utilizing the latest preventative and surgical techniques, Alameda Family Podiatry focuses on end-to-end customer care for the best possible experience with a podiatrist. Oakland patients are welcomed for walk-ins or same-day appointments — get in, get seen, get relief from your foot pain without delay, excessive paperwork or HMO-style referrals. For every patient, Dr. Niccoli provides excellent podiatric treatment, listens to your questions and concerns, and prescribes a path to maintenance and prevention, ensuring that you’ll be able to return to your Oakland home with minimal downtime.

Forward-Thinking Oakland Orthopedic Care

For Oakland podiatry patients seeking the latest in diagnostic and surgical techniques, look no further than Alameda Family Podiatry. Dr. Niccoli combines time-tested methodology with the latest surgical innovations (extracorporeal shock wave therapy, laser surgery, etc.) to ensure that Oakland patients receive cutting-edge treatment, all designed to minimize pain — both during treatment and the immediate days after.

From orthotics to sports medicine, ingrown nails to general foot pain, the best Oakland podiatrist is just outside of Oakland. Make an appointment with Alameda Family Podiatry today — our helpful staff will fit you in as soon as possible, even same-day if necessary.